Day 275: Off to Foggy London Town 7/5/2016

Syd and Wally


Woke up and packed up some last minute things. This whole trip in Paris really went by way too fast. Seriously where did all the time go, it seemed just like yesterday we met up with Clint. We struggled for a bit trying to book a cab/uber. I, Wally, shopped around and tried to find the cheapest way to the airport. Every van I looked at was $150 to take us 13 miles!!! WTF!!! I found a sight there it was 60 Euros and tried to book it, but it said it would confirm pick up by calling me… Great now that’s out the window, we went down stairs and just hoped we get a van cab to take us to the airport. But luckily for us me booking the one service online worked! We all squeezed into a sedan with all our shit and got real cozy.

We chatted with the driver on the way to the airport. Every year he vacations to New York and Thailand. We made small talk over how great Phuket was and he gave us some tips for whenever we decide to go back. Cool dude, but when he asked us where we were going, London, he immediately responded with I hate that city, British accents are disgusting and their food is horribly heavy and greasy. Didn’t ask for your opinion, but alright!

Dropping off Clint

It was an emotional goodbye for Syd, but hey at least this time it won’t be another 9 months before we see him again. Only a few more weeks.


It was a smooth flight, but we were really bummed that our chocolate trick didn’t get us shit on our flight. Bitches….

Getting to our hotel

I looked online and it would have cost us $130 by cab to take us all the way to the other side of London… F that! We took their metro and it was relatively painless and it only cost us $15.

Side note

It’s nice being back in a country where we can look at the billboards and know what they say. Where we can talk to people and be understood.  It’s funny to think that it’s a novelty to be understood and understand what’s going on in our surroundings.

I, Sydney really do not have much to add today that is why we have a joint post. This trip went by way to fast and I cannot believe Paris is already over. I had a great time with my dad and I am glad I could experience this with Wally and dad. We had great conversations, funny pictures, and an amazing trip.

I have a lot of emotions about being in London and this being our last city but I am going to soak up every minute before we get home and are back to reality.


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