Day 276: Exploring London!! 7/6/2016



Staying at a Holiday Inn is alright. The rooms are always adequate and at least the breakfast is included. However, the breakfast here is shit… The scrambled eggs are watered down, the baked beans are bland and the sausages have a funny texture to it… I guess I’ll just be having cereal and toast while we’re here. First world problems right?

Heading Out

Because this is the last leg of our journey our funds are TAPPED, so we’re staying out in the boonies of London and it takes us a 20 min walk to get to the metro and another 20-30 min to get into the city. It’s a bit of a journey, but gotta do what ya gotta do.

Tower Bridge

I’ve seen this damn thing on so many TV shows and movies, so it’s cool to see it in person. It’s rather impressive, but in the end it’s a bridge that  people walk/drive over it every day to get to and from where they need to without giving it a second thought.

London Tower

  • The Crown Jewels
    • Unfortunately I wasn’t able to snap pics of it, but Syd snuck some. They’re GORGEOUS it almost looks fake with how many diamonds, gems and gold is on it. They put you on a slow moving conveyor belt, which is pretty smart if you ask me stops people from lollygagging, and you gaze upon it. As you are moved along you watch light reflect off each diamond and it’s mesmerizing.
  • Bloody Tower
    • The tower is the sight of a tragic event. Some guy was to be king, but was too far down the line to get it. So he snatched up the two ahead of him both of which were young boys under the age of ten and had them locked up in the tower. No one is sure what exactly happened to them, but there they died. It wasn’t until centuries later that when renovations were taking place at the tower and they came across a box with the bones of the children. This event has been romanticized and dramatized by authors over the centuries.
  • Torture Tower
    • Here they housed some of the more gruesome torture devices that were used back in the day. Of course they had the Rack, in which you’d have your limbs tied and stretched out until they tear off. Or it’s opposite the Scavenger’s Daughter, this mechanism has you compressed with your knees to your chest and they turn a lever in till the point you’d be folded up.
  • Ravens
    • Nothing special there just some birds


You know most of us have had beer battered fish and all of us have had fries. I thought getting some fish and chips wouldn’t be a big deal, but you know what they’re better than anticipated. Sure it tastes like something you’ve had a million times, but they make it just a little better. The fish was light and flaky and their fries complimented it well.


Shakespeare’s Globe Theater

Nothing too special here, just wanted to see the outside of it. There was a tour available, but I’m just not a big enough Shakespeare fan to take part in it. Although it isn’t the real Globe Theater, destroyed in a fire, it is an accurate recreation over the land in which it once stood. It’s just cool being in the presence of the land and building that once housed some of the greatest pieces of works known to man.


The Clink

This was just a random side attraction that we happened to come across while on the way to Piccadilly Circus. I’ve always been fascinated by medieval torture because of how barbaric it was and this little museum had it. It was cool being able to get hands on with some of the devices and feel the weight of them. It helps put into perspective just what some people had to go through. The museum also had fun stories and anecdotes from people that were locked up there. Some of them definitely deserved it while others were just debtors and got screwed. The conditions were absolutely horrid as people would be wading around in sewage whenever the river would flood. Corruption ran rampant as guards took bribes for themselves and made the prisoners lives a bit easier. All in all it was a shitty “roadside” attraction, but it was a fun thing to stumble upon.




Piccadilly Circus

It’s like their Times Square, though not as impressive. We found a Cinnabon place nearby and indulged our sweet tooth as we sat in the center of the roundabout and watched cars wiz by us.

Buckingham Palace

On our way to the palace the street was shut down for a bit and we saw a motorcade come through. We think it was the Queen herself and if not at least someone important enough to get shuttled around in the royal brigade. It ain’t the palace of Versailles, but it’s still pretty cool just to be in the presence of it. We snapped some picks and started our journey home.


Side note

Metro stops here are far apart man… We spent a lot of time just walking around from place to place or looking for the god damn tube! Once you’re in there though it’s really efficient and you get to where you need to go, but you just gotta walk a lot.

Also, it’s expensive here. Even with BREXIT their money is still pretty strong compared to ours. Today we bought to sweaters and it came out to 35 pounds and you’re thinking to yourself man that’s not bad… That is until you do the conversion and that’s close to 50 USD!!! Asia has ruined me…


Our first day in London has been so busy! We ate some breakfast and it was not the best but did the job. We wanted to head out early because there was a lot we wanted to see. We got to the metro and there were announcements that the trains were delayed because of a person on the track earlier. WTF?! Ok, well I guess we can be delayed a little. WHile we walked to the metro we saw the O2 arena. Before I die I would like to see a concert there. Bucket List Goal!


We finally got going and we made our way to the Tower Bridge and Tower of London. It was fun to watch Wally get so excited about everything and see it all for the first time. I have to say seeing the crown jewels again was super fun.

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The weather was amazing today and I am glad it is warm in London. The weather is just beautiful. When we finished the Tower we got some fish and chips and a nice break. It was tasty and the perfect afternoon snack. We sat and enjoyed the afternoon before continuing on. Also, we were able to pick up all our Starbucks cups! I am so excited when we actually have  a home to display them the way I want to under the cupboards.


We saw Shakespeare’s Globe Theater and London Bridge. We also were able to pick up a few gifts. The Clink was actually really interesting and I am glad that we did this little side museum. It gave more information about the torture of the day and “The Clink Prison;” which was actually a working prison back in the day. It was pretty gross to learn that the place used to flood when the Thames would raise and all the prisoners would be in sewage and dead rats. Very interesting stuff!!! It was so cute watching Wally get so excited about seeing everything.We walked along the Waterloo Bridge and saw parts of Big Ben and the London Eye. We will be going over to Big Ben on another day. We also walked along a beautiful little park on the side of the river and saw the HMS Belfast.

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After the museum we made our way to Piccadilly Circus. THe hustle and bustle was awesome. We got a Cinnabon and enjoyed the life passing us by. Once we finished up we made our way to St. James Park and walked inside and headed towards Buckingham Palace. I found out that we did see the Queen as she was coming back to the palace to go to Wimbledon tomorrow. SO COOL!!!!!!! I would love to do the tour of Buckingham Palace but both times I have been here the tours have not been going on. It was getting late and we were both so tired. We walked into Hyde Park to look around then headed home.

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We did stay outside the city to save money and I cannot wait to come back and stay in the city and be close to everything, it will be much easier.

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Today was so much fun and I am glad the weather was nice for Wally. I am really enjoying being back in London and I am excited to see what tomorrow holds.

Dad – Paris Recap 

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