Day 277: Windsor, Stonehenge and Oxford 7/7/2016


Yay another bus tour!!!

I use to make fun of these things. Well mostly because I only saw the old Asians being shuttled around from one place to another, but now I see the benefits of doing a bus tour. You see a lot in a little period of time and you don’t have to think. Just show up and go.


This is 1/3 residences the royal family holds up in. Walking through the castle I’m reminded a lot of the Palace of Versailles, but not AS grandiose. Instead of massive paintings they had large tapestries on the walls. The ceilings were still painted and they had a lot of armor and statues lining the hallways. It’s still something to marvel at, but it didn’t have the same effect on me as Versailles. At Windsor we also saw the St. George’s Cathedral and there Charles I and King Henry VIII are buried there. We didn’t actually get to go down into the area in which they were buried, but I stood on top of a massive slab of granite that marked where they were buried. I stood on a Kings grave!

Funny thing about Windsor Castle is that it’s located rather close to an airport and because of that there is a considerable amount a noise pollution due to the planes coming and going. It’s a funny thought to have to think that the Queen of England has to deal with that just like the rest of the peasants.

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It’s pretty amazing that 3,000 years ago people figured out a way to move 40 ton slabs of rock from across the UK to get it set up and stacked up in a purposeful way in the middle of a freaking field. The level of coordination that must have took without the access of modern communication tools must have been daunting. That’s not even taking into consideration how they even managed to lift the 40 ton slabs and stack them on top of each other!


It’s just a pile of rocks in the middle of butt fuck nowhere.

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Beautiful college town, it’s interesting though Oxford doesn’t have a set campus. It’s ALL over town, literally all over. This house can be for history or philosophy the next building over can be for mathematics so on and so forth. So when you’re visiting the town of Oxford you’re pretty much walking through the campus. The architecture is gorgeous and because of the history and the people that have graduated from here it was an honor just to be walking the same grounds. I felt smarter just breathing in the Oxford air.

All in all this tour did its job. It got us from point A to point B and allowed us to take a decent look at the places we went to. We literally just scratched the surface of all these places and would like to go back at some point in the future and dive deeper.

Anyways Harry Potter tomorrow, I can’t wait to see Syd geek out at everything and to be perfectly honest I’m excited myself. Guess you can say I’ve become a bit of a Pothead thanks to Syd.


Good Morning again London! Off on a tour today. We got up early because we had to head into the city to catch our tour. We ate and made our way to Victoria Coach Station. We are doing a different tour than the one I took last time. We went to the Evans counter and headed to the bus. We are going to Windsor, Stonehenge and Oxford today.


Our tour guide, Dan, was cool and gave a lot of information. Our first stop was Windsor. We walked around the State Apartments, you cannot take pictures but I managed to sneak a few. They were beautiful but not as ornate as Versailles. It is crazy to think that this is still in use today. I must say that the grounds of the palace are amazing and just like the gardens of Versailles; you could spend a lot of time there. We hurried through the State Apartments in order to have time to walk in St. George’s Cathedral. We walked on top of the crypt of King Henry VIII. AWESOME!!!! The details in the church are beautiful. We finished up and got some food and enjoyed our lunch in the park before we had to go back to the bus for our next stop.

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We drove to Stonehenge next and they have actually redone the road and the visitor’s center since last time. It was very nice and much bigger than the other one. We walked around and took some pics. It is so much warmer than last time and I feel as though I appreciated it so much more instead of freezing my balls off! So that was nice! It was great to see again and fun seeing it with Wally. I picked up a little model, the exact one that B got last time that I regretted not getting. HAHA. We made our way back to the bus and we were off to Oxford.

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We passed where they have their horse races every year and saw the statue in the distance of King George. The English countryside is so beautiful and I would love to explore more of it on another trip. We both fell asleep for a little since it was an hour and a half to Oxford. When we got there the clouds started to roll in but we were still very lucky that it did not rain and was a really refreshing day.

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We had a walking tour around Oxford and saw parts of where they filmed Harry Potter. We grabbed a quick bite for our dinner and strolled through the town. All in all the tour was ok but we have definitely been on better. I would not recommend this tour company. We made our way back to the hotel and relaxed the rest of night. The tour was interesting and I would love to spend more time in Windsor if we were to come back.

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