Day 278: Harry Potter 7/8/2016


Harry Potter Studio Tour

It took us nearly 2 hours to get to it… It’s on the other freaking side of London!

Now prior to getting with Sydney Harry Potter had left a bad taste in my mouth because an ex of mine who was OBSESSED with it. But since Syd and I have been together I’ve welcomed it back into my life. I’ve watched all the movies and at one point started rereading the books. I’ve slowly started becoming a fanboy again.

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Either way it’s super cool being able to see the actual sets and props used in the film itself. It really is something seeing these things in person, the films only capture so much detail, but when you’re able to take the time and see for yourself a whole other world is opened up to you. Another thing that I found interesting was that the films were really a labor of love and everyone involved genuinely wanted to do their best, not only for their own pride, but for everyone else as well. The best example is the scaled down model of the Hogwarts Castle. Now calling it scaled down is a bit of an understatement because it’s still pretty damn massive! They used this model in order to take the panning aerial shots of the school grounds and they would just digitally add in the characters later on. Because it was used in the movies it is EXTREMELY detailed and looks absolutely amazing.

Brew Dog

I was able to enjoy a pint of beer at a pub and enjoy some tots. Check that off the list! It really reminded me of the Brewery back home and it was a welcome feeling. The beer was awesome, I only wish I was able to drink more and spend more time there.

*sorry no picture of the beer drank it too fast. =P


Syd wanted to watch “Absolutely Fabulous” it’s based off an old BBC show. The two main characters are Joan Rivers types that like to drink and party hard. These two got into all sorts of shenanigans and that was half the fun. For me personally, the film wasn’t all that great, I missed out on a lot of running jokes as well as the random celebrity cameos. But I didn’t hate it either.


The fucking metro here is balls expensive! It cost us 30 pounds to reach the other side of London today, but back in Shanghai literally less than 1 USD! So….. On our way back we kind of lied our way in and out of the metro. We simply tried to enter with our used ticket and told one of the attendants that it wasn’t working and just got waved through. Keep going till someone stops you right? But I didn’t want to push our luck after that because I saw a sign that it would be an 80 pound fine for those who do that and we don’t have that kind of money to fuck with.

Movie theaters here are freaking legit! They have a deal for 17.99 pounds a month you can watch unlimited movies! Or they have another deal for 30 pounds a family of 4 can watch a movie and have snacks to go along with it! Seriously I hope this catches on back in the states.


It was such a journey to get out there. When we finally got there it was amazing! This year marked the 15th Anniversary of the Philosophers Stone and they had extra memorabilia out and collectors items. I am in love with this place and I cannot wait to get to the one in LA.

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I am glad that we got to come back and see the studios again. Wally was able to appreciate and see what I love so much. He did compare it to the one we saw in Shanghai but this is on steroids haha. We walked around and had some butterbeer and butterbeer ice cream. I really enjoyed seeing everything again and picking up a few more trinkets. I will get more from the one in LA. We got a chocolate frog and a new wizard card in the box! YAY.

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When Wally would ask questions it was fun to see him really interested in what I had to say and he really started to like HP more. We also saw the bar The World’s End, which was cool!!!

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Side note – To add to Wally’s side note the metros are so expensive! We spend more on the travel then we do on anything else. Paris metros were cheaper than London. It is so crazy!!!! Not having to buy extra train tickets was also awesome and saved us money. Also, the movie deal for 17 pounds. HELL YES I would do that if they had it back home!!! I would see all the movies I want and not feel guilty. All you have to do is see 2 movies a month and it is paid for.

When we finished HP we made our way to Brew Dog. It was just like the Brewary back home. Beer and tots for an afternoon snack and then heading back to the hotel.

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I had been wanting to see Absolutely Fabulous and what better place than where it was created. We came back to the hotel and changed then walked to the theater next to our hotel. It is an IMAX and it is huge and awesome! They had salty popcorn, not quite American movie popcorn but at least it is not kettle corn. I really enjoyed the movie and am glad we got to have a movie date. It has been forever.

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