Day 279: The Spoils 7/9/2016


Big Ben

It’s a really big clock and it rings on the top of every hour.

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West End

We went to watch The Spoils which stars Jessie Eisenberg and Kanal Nayyar. Eisenberg plays a privileged rich kid that feels like his life is going nowhere and brings down others so he can feel better about himself. He’s manipulative, self absorbed and all around just an egotistical asshole. There’s nothing redeeming about his character and you can’t sympathize with him at all. It’s overacted and at times feels like I’m watching a cartoon because of how Eisenberg presents his character. I honestly didn’t enjoy the play, but I can now say I’ve seen an original play with the original cast on West End. The review below conveys exactly how I feel about the play just in the most eloquent way possible.



Syd had an old coworker in town as well and we decided to meet up with him and his friend. We chatted about their wordly adventures, they gossiped about people that came and went from work and all in all we just had a great time chatting.

Tomorrow’s our last day of our world tour…


SO excited for today because we are seeing a play on the West End!!!! We got up and had breakfast at the hotel and got all dressed up. We made our way to Big Ben, today is so warm and windy! We heard it go bong bong bong at 11 and took so pics. It is so crowded today but then we realized its Saturday so that makes sense. The line for Westminster Abby was way to long so we chatted and looked around at the outside. We had a few hours until the play started which was great so we could get a little snack.

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Wally saw a cute little cafe that had afternoon tea so we popped in for a snack. We had some cappuccinos, tea, scones, clotted cream, sandwiches, and cute pastries. Finally, I got my British Afternoon Tea. We sat for awhile and enjoyed the time we spent together just talking and chatting. We met some really nice people from Northern Ireland and chatted with them for awhile until we were ready to head out.

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We walked around Traflagar Square, while walking around we found out that it was the end of Ramadan and this was the British Celebration for the 3 days of eating, drinking, etc. It’s a super cool thing that we were in the middle east during Ramadan but then we saw the festivals that they have in the end. Fun times!! We headed back to the theater and went to the bar.

I got a daiquiri and chilled. We had a little bit of time and I messaged my old coworker, Calvin, that we were in the bar. He is also in London. We decided to meet up at intermission.

The play, The Spoils, was not great. There is a reason I stick to musicals. The silver lining is that we saw an original cast of a West End production, which is super cool. I have never seen a play before so that was a fun experience. The theater was small so there was not a bad seat in the house. It was so hot in there though. OMG we were sweating so much! I will let Wally go off on the play a little bit. The only thing I have to say is Kunal Nayyar’s character was the exact same as Raj, it was just a different name. I joked that it was like watching a live taping of Big Bang with just Raj haha.

After the play we went to St. James Park with Calvin and Jeff and enjoyed some drinks and good conversation. It was so nice catching up with Calvin and hanging out outside of work. We finished at the park and made our way to St Ermin’s Bar. I had a delicious drink called the June Bug. It was amazing. We all chatted and hung out for awhile. Poor Wally got a bloody nose. I felt so bad for him, his allergies have been awful.

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When we finished we said bye and made our way home. We also passed the new Scotland Yard and the beautiful building it has. The metro ride back home was super quick and efficient. As soon as we got on the train I had to pee and it was the longest train ride for me but I made it!!! We came back to the hotel and I talked to my dad for a few. Tomorrow is our last day and I am a little scared, excited so many emotions.

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