Day 280: Last Day 7/10/2016


We originally had planned to do a few museums in the city, but in order to save time, money and sanity we decided not to and just stay around Greenwich.

Greenwich University

Turns out the second Thor movie was filmed here. The climax where the alien ship comes crashing through the portal onto earth was filmed in the massive courtyard that’s there. So, it’s cool to say that we saw it for ourselves, but unfortunately there was some sort of event going on and the courtyard was filled with chairs and a massive stage.


Royal Observatory

It’s here where you can stand on the prime meridian. So we paid 20 pounds to get in and stand on a physical line that represents the imaginary line of the eastern and western hemisphere. So that’s kind of cool.

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We walked around for a bit and saw a place with a lot of locals in it. We went in and I ordered a Meat Pie and Mash. It’s a traditional British meal and honestly it’s not all that great, but just had to try it. Afterwards we went to another restaurant and got some fish and chips along with a PITCHER of a cocktail! Gooooooood times!

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We chatted with some friends and caught up a bit and did some last minute packing.

It was nice just having a relaxed day before a crazy day of traveling tomorrow.


This is it. The last day out of the country. Come on London let’s make today the best. We went for a walk to the Royal Academy and the Meridian Line. The walk up to the museum of the Meridian Line was intense. It was about 3 miles but fun. The weather is weird today. It was cloudy and rainy then hot when we were walking home. Standing on the line was so funny and Wally and I were just laughing and joking the whole time. This was so much fun and I am very glad we did it. We took some pics and saw where they filmed Thor 2.

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Once we finished up we made our way to a restaurant with meat pies and it was so cute to see Wally so happy. The food was not the best but this restaurant was very British and fun to eat at.

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We walked down to the Thames and ate some fish n chips at another restaurant and had a pitcher of cocktails. It was called Purple Rain and it was the best thing ever!!!! We walked home and chilled the rest of the night. I Skyped my mom and Bianca and I talked for a minute but she was heading to breakfast so we will talk another time.

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We packed and watched some tv. A relaxing last day in London.

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